White gold engagement rings

The clean, sleek look of white gold engagement rings perfectly highlights the brilliance of your VRAI created diamond.

How to buy a white gold engagement ring

Your guide to finding the white gold engagement ring just for you.

Frequently asked questions

For those wanting something slightly different than a traditional Solitaire, consider unique white gold engagement rings in multi-stone variations like the Three Stone engagement ring, Toi et Moi, or Five Stone Heirloom engagement ring. Small but impactful details such as the hidden VRAI created diamonds in a Hidden Halo or Floating Solitaire also offer a unique twist on timeless.

While a variety of more traditional engagement ring settings remain an option, there are many band-like rings that are popular men’s engagement rings in white gold. Consider the diamond-accented Devotion Band, or the simple-yet-sophisticated Round Inlay Band and Brushed Baguette Band as perfect options in white gold.

The most popular women’s engagement ring styles are Solitaire engagement rings. The most popular styles in white gold beyond the Signature Solitaire include the Hidden Halo, the Knife-Edge, and the Devotion.

Of course! You pair different color metals or different styles of engagement rings and wedding bands together to create a wedding ring set that’s unique to you. The most important rule however is to ensure that your engagement ring and band sit comfortably side-by-side should you be wearing them on the same finger. Certain styles and even certain diamond shapes might bump or scratch against each other, so take the overall design of each into consideration first. For personalized guidance, speak with our diamond experts.

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