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Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings Guide

Kimberly Zerkel | September 16, 2023

Kimberly Zerkel | September 16, 2023

A Cushion cut Halo engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds marries a popular Art Deco engagement ring setting with a modern yet vintage-inspired diamond shape. Why do people love this particular style and diamond shape? Cushion cut Halos strike the perfect balance of new and old — and are future heirlooms in the making.

With customizable options, from metal color to pavé details, you can find a lab-grown diamond Cushion Cut Halo that’s as unique as your love story. But what style of Cushion cut Halo is right for you? Read on to discover your options so you can find the engagement ring to say yes to.

What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring?

A Cushion cut Halo engagement ring is a Halo setting that highlights a Cushion cut diamond.

A Halo engagement ring is a ring whose center stone is surrounded by a circle — or “halo”— of small melee diamonds. Although variations can occur, particularly with custom-designed rings, most Halos are solitaire rings which feature a single center diamond.

Cushion cut diamonds are squared diamonds with cut or rounded corners. Their soft corners give this diamond its pillow-like shape and name. Cushion cut diamonds feature brilliant cut facets.

This contemporary favorite is a balance between a classic round and uniform square and can be featured in a variety of engagement rings, although Cushion Cut engagement rings are often create a vintage-inspired look.

A Cushion cut diamond has a larger table, but doesn’t necessarily appear larger than a Round Brilliant of the same carat weight. Their depth “hides” some of their carat weight, making them appear slightly smaller. The addition of a halo, however, will always make a diamond appear bigger on the finger.

What Is The Difference Between A 1 Carat, 2 Carat, and 3 Carat Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring?

The first difference between 1, 2, and 3 carat Cushion cut Halo engagement rings is weight. Carat does not refer to size, but rather to a diamond’s weight. So a 2 carat diamond is twice as heavy as 1 carat, a 3 carat diamond is three times as heavy, and so on.

The same cannot be said of how big a diamond appears, however. While a 2 carat diamond will obviously appear larger than a 1 carat diamond, it does not necessarily appear twice as large. A diamond will usually appear around 25% larger going up carat by carat. In a Halo setting, the addition of melee diamonds will also make the diamond appear bigger.

The biggest difference between these Cushion cut Halo engagement rings is price. A diamond’s worth increases incrementally when going up by carat weight. Depending on the other 4Cs — cut, clarity, and color — a 3 carat Cushion cut diamond can be anywhere from four to ten times more expensive than a 2 carat, for example.

When buying an engagement ring and deciding on what carat weight is right for you, consider the budget that you’ve set first. Also take the other Cs into consideration. If you truly want to move up in carat weight but also stay within your budget, think of adjusting color or clarity grade as a compromise. As always, speak with a diamond expert for more personalized advice.

What Are The Most Popular Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring Styles?

There are several styles of Cushion cut Halos that continue to grow in popularity. The original design is timeless and beloved. But the larger Halo variation with bigger melee stones, or the Hidden Halo with diamonds inside the prong setting, are becoming more and more sought after. Ultimately, the best style is the one that works in tandem with your style.

Rose and yellow gold Cushion cut Halos are also well-loved for their vintage appeal. But stunning platinum and white gold settings exist as well. Choosing your metal color is therefore up to your personal taste and style.

Cushion Cut Hidden Halo

A Hidden Halo engagement ring is a modern update of the classic Halo setting. Small diamonds circle around a solitaire diamond, but inside an elevated prong setting. The halo they form is best seen from the side, instead of looking straight down, which is what gives this ring its “hidden” name.

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Platinum Cushion Cut Halo

A platinum Cushion cut Halo engagement ring is a style of ring that can be passed on for generations to come. The luster and durability of platinum will enhance the center diamond and its surrounding halo, resulting in unforgettable shine.

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Rose Gold Cushion Cut Halo

14k rose gold is perhaps one of the most popular metals for a Cushion cut Halo because it gives the ring an undeniably vintage-inspired look. Rose gold is known to be whimsical and romantic and marries perfectly with this future heirloom.

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Yellow Gold Cushion Cut Halo

18k solid yellow gold is known for its golden hue, the color most associated with gold itself. A yellow gold Cushion Cut Halo engagement ring creates a look of timeless elegance and is ideal for anyone with classic style.

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White Gold Cushion Cut Halo

An 18k white gold Cushion cut Halo engagement ring gives this vintage setting a look that is cool, clean, and contemporary. White gold is perfect for those looking for a more modern interpretation of traditional style.

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Speak With Our Diamond Experts

Ready to find the Cushion cut Halo engagement ring that’s uniquely yours? Book an appointment with our diamond experts who can give you personalized guidance and help you find perfect metal color, style of Halo, and VRAI created diamond made just for you.


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