Oval Halo Engagement Rings: 3 Top Styles

The Oval engagement ring is one of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings. Combining an Oval center stone with a halo setting creates an engagement ring that looks both ornate and sleek, while also maximizing the brilliance and the size of the diamond. Book an appointment to assess whether combining an Oval with a halo setting is the right choice for you.

What is an Oval Halo Engagement Ring?

An oval halo engagement ring is an engagement ring in a halo setting with an Oval diamond as a center stone. A halo is a series of pavé diamonds encircling the center stone, and halos suit most engagement ring styles. A Halo setting also creates the illusion of a larger diamond: a diamond set in a halo setting can appear as much as half a carat larger than it actually is.

Top 3 Oval Halo Engagement Ring Styles

VRAI’s Halo engagement ring combines a romantic setting with unprecedented craftsmanship and brilliance. A series of individually hand-set pavé diamonds elegantly encircle the center diamond. The Halo also features VRAI’s signature sling, which is designed to let the ring sit low on your finger and also flush with the wedding band. In addition, the sling is designed to allow the diamond and the halo to shine the brightest. VRAI’s Halo engagement ring is available in two sizes: the original has a band width of 1.7 mm, the large has a band width of 1.9 mm.

What is a Hidden Halo Oval Engagement Ring?

A Hidden Halo Oval engagement ring features an Oval diamond set in a hidden halo setting. A hidden halo hides the halo of pavé-set diamonds from the top view, and it makes the ring appear like a solitaire. “The Hidden Halo has the great benefit of looking like a plain classic solitaire from the top down view, but having a little detail on the sides,” explains Queena Chang, VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert and a GIA graduate gemologist. “The setting itself is very versatile, you can have the ring be as understated as you would like, or have it be all out pavé from every angle! I find this versatility is what makes it such a great setting for the Oval.”

Top 3 Hidden Halo Oval Styles

The hidden halo setting is ideal for customers who want a lifted setting and a subtle decorative element without compromising on a timeless and classic look. VRAI offers a number of styles with a hidden halo setting. The Classic Hidden Halo places the halo within four curved prongs. The Floating Solitaire, for example, has a setting that gently lifts your VRAI created diamond and its hidden halo, making them appear to float in air. The Floating style also comes with a split band, which creates more finger coverage while also creating interesting geometric patterns with the center stone.

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Is a Bezel Setting the Same as a Halo Setting?

While they might look similar, as they both encircle the center diamond, a bezel and a halo are not the same. A bezel setting has a ring of metal holding the center diamond in place. It’s both decorative and protective of the stone, as it helps keep it secured in place. In addition, a bezel setting avoids any snagging, which is slightly more likely to happen with a halo setting. With its sleek metalwork, a bezel setting highlights the geometric facets of step-cut stones, whereas a halo setting uniquely emphasizes the brilliance of brilliant-cut diamonds, both round and oval.

Why Should I Set My Oval Diamond in a Halo Setting?

If brilliance is one of the main draws for your engagement ring, a halo setting will add extra scintillation to your oval diamond. And don’t worry about the colors of the halo not matching the color of the oval diamond. “We use D-I diamonds for our pavé, which will compliment any diamond and setting color,” ensures Queena Chang, VRAI’s Chief Diamond Expert and GIA graduate gemologist.

What Are The 3 Best Wedding Rings for Halo Oval Engagement Rings?

For a wedding ring, we recommend you choose a ring that reprises the filigree-like elegance of the pavé of the halo. Something like the Devotion band, which features a gold channel-set band, or the Infinity band, with a series of individually handset pavé diamonds, perfectly matches your oval Halo engagement ring. The Alternating Shapes band, with its combination of baguettes and round diamonds, also complements an Oval halo engagement ring.

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